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Preparing for Client and Company Holiday Events this Season and How to Make Sure You Stand Out

It is that time of year again. That’s right, the holiday season is almost here and that means client parties, galas, happy hours, dinner celebrations and much more. Never mind your usual family and friend get togethers, but on top of that there are clients and coworkers who want to celebrate as well. It is important to take advantage of this time when everyone is feeling a little more casual and friendly. It is easier to network and form relationships in these types of situations in comparison to the standard seminars and workshops that you are used to seeing these people in. Either that, or you seem them on a daily basis in a stressed-out work environment. If it is not a one on one occasion, you may want to take extra steps to make sure you stand out from the crowd of other people trying to get the attention of the dog partners or most desirable clients. There are a few things you can do to make sure that people will remember your name and face when it matters. Keep reading for some great tips on how to stand out at your next client or company holiday event.

Do Your Research

Nothing is more impressive than someone who knows their facts. You do not want to be that person that is stuck looking stupid or clueless in a conversation that could offer you a great opportunity to make an introduction. When I was working in business development, one of the things we would do is research who the past attendees at events were as well as who was expected to attend. This gave us the opportunity to put together a few one pagers on key people that we wanted to encourage our staff to interact with. If they did have a chance to have a conversation with this person, it gave them something to talk about and allowed them to think of any questions or connections they could make based on what they now knew about them.

Dress Your Best

In any type of party or gala situation it is always important to find the right attire. Sometimes they are very clear about the required dress code, and other times you are left to interpret what the invitation may say, or just dress based on your judgment. No matter what, you want to maintain professionalism in our attire so I would avoid flashy prints or showing too much skin. New York and Company is always a great place to buy a new outfit for the holidays. Their designs are always very on trend while coming off as simple and modern.

Keep Your Head Clear

It can be easy to go off the deep end at some of these events, especially if there is an open bar or service. I would encourage you to have a drink or two if that is something you are comfortable with. It can be very uniting to have a drink with colleagues or clients, but make sure you limit your drinking so that you don’t embarrass yourself, or your company.